Best Bitcoin Exchanges in 2021

This year, Bitcoin is trendier than ever. Growing institutional adoption and interest from high-profile investors have caused its price to skyrocket. But what is the best platform for trading? These systems offer a secure, reliable, and user-friendly environment. Buy Bitcoin and generate profits from the most popular cryptocurrency! 



Bitcoin-oriented traders cannot find a better place to buy and sell their coins. This year, Tesla chose Coinbase to purchase a mind-blowing $1.5 bn worth of Bitcoin. The system also has 50+ alternatives, from Ethereum to Dogecoin. It offers instruments for institutional and retail traders. Coinbase is accessible from any desktop or mobile device — there is an app for Android and iOS. 

The platform offers many thrilling extras. For example, traders can watch educational videos and get paid for this in crypto. Large investors have access to commerce features and cold storage. Through Asset Hub, they integrate their own financial instruments into the Coinbase collection. 

There are a few downsides. First, margin trading is not allowed, so you can only use your own funds. Secondly, there are no futures, which are a useful hedging tool. Still, the advantages are undeniable, which is why Coinbase is thriving. 



This platform offers a similar range of instruments, but it mostly caters to US-based traders. There are both retail and institutional accounts. Like Coinbase, Binance has apps for Android and iOS. Another similarity is staking rewards — for instance, you may gain up to 10{07e4039ec9503fe5e0dd28c9d60802c3eab7790e1e3548012d751aecd0ef0f00} if you keep your assets for a certain period.

An important advantage is the recurring buy feature. It allows you to automate the trades: the system will execute long or short positions according to a preset schedule. Other extras include OTC (over-the-counter) trading, trading of crypto pairs, and Stablecoins. The latter are unique instruments whose value is backed by the US dollar. 



This system is one of the oldest, and it has a truly global reach. Kraken welcomes traders from over 200 countries. Aside from a similar range of coins, it allows you to trade with leverage and use crypto futures. The margin ratio is impressive: up to 1:5! This means the platform may lend you five times your balance to boost the buying power. 

Futures are widely used for hedging. Kraken has separate systems for the instrument. The contracts allow you to purchase or sell cryptocurrencies on a particular date. Aside from Bitcoin, there are futures on Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. 

Large-scale investors may consult the company’s experts. All traders can receive staking rewards. Kraken has proprietary apps for iOS and Android, and there are plenty of educational resources.


Final Words

Bitcoins also may be bought and sold outside big exchanges. We do not recommend this, as security is essential. Trusted systems are protected against DDOS attacks, and they use powerful encryption. Decentralized peer-2-peer networks allow counterparties to connect directly, without an intermediary. This may sound tempting, but the risks are often high.

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