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What You Need to Know to Start Trading Bitcoin

This year, Bitcoin has soared to spectacular highs. Its price has quadrupled in comparison with 2020, and experts are predicting further growth. Becoming a crypto trader is tempting. Here are the basics to help you get started. 

Learn About Key Factors

To foresee how Bitcoin will move, you need to understand the drivers. The number of Bitcoins is limited to 21 million. As supply is capped, rising demand always pushes the price upwards.  read more

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Bitcoin Trading Strategies. Where to Buy BTC Fast?

In 2021, Bitcoin is soaring again. Its value has already doubled, and experts predict further growth. But what are the best trading strategies? These methods will help you profit from the impressive growth.


This is the simplest strategy you can find, and its name is simply a misspelling. In 2013, a member of Bitcointalk advised holding onto the coins in a bearish market. The idea caught on. When you HODL, you refrain from selling because you hope that the price will surge again. Naturally, a fall is also possible, so risk management is key. This approach is suitable for beginners. read more

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